How To Make Golf Cart Seat Covers Out Of Towels? DIY Guide

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To make golf cart seat covers out of towels, follow these steps: Measure and cut the towels to fit the seat, then secure them using double-sided tape. Are you looking for an affordable and creative way to protect your golf cart seats?

Look no further! This guide will show you how to transform ordinary towels into stylish and functional seat covers for your golf cart. Not only will these covers add a touch of personalization to your cart, but they will also protect the seats from wear and tear.

In just a few simple steps, you can have custom-made seat covers that are both practical and eye-catching. So, grab your towels and get ready to give your golf cart a makeover!

Identifying Absorbent And Durable Options

Identifying Absorbent And Durable Options

Create absorbent and durable golf cart seat covers using towels. This practical solution keeps your seats protected while ensuring extra comfort during your golfing adventures.

When it comes to making golf cart seat covers out of towels, choosing the right materials is essential. You want something that is both absorbent and durable, able to withstand the rigors of golfing. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Material considerations:
  • Terry cloth towels: These towels are highly absorbent and soft, making them a popular choice for seat covers. Look for towels made of high-quality cotton to ensure durability.
  • Microfiber towels: Known for their excellent absorbency, microfiber towels are also lightweight and quick-drying. They are a fantastic option if you prefer a more modern look.
  • Plush towels: If comfort is a priority, plush towels with a higher pile height are worth considering. They provide extra cushioning and a luxurious feel.
  • Size and shape considerations:
  • Choose towels that are large enough to cover the entire seating area of your golf cart. Measure the dimensions of your seats beforehand to ensure a proper fit.
  • Consider whether you want rectangular towels that can be folded and secured, or if you prefer towels with elastic bands or ties for a snug fit.
  • Color and design options:
  • When it comes to color, the choice is entirely up to your personal preference. Opt for vibrant hues to add a pop of color to your golf cart, or go for neutral tones for a more understated look.
  • Some towels feature printed designs or patterns that can add style and personality to your seat covers. Choose patterns that resonate with your aesthetic taste.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can select the perfect towels to create durable and absorbent golf cart seat covers that will enhance both the comfort and style of your golfing experience.

Proper Cleaning And Maintenance

Proper Cleaning And Maintenance

Learn how to transform ordinary towels into golf cart seat covers for proper cleaning and maintenance. Follow this easy step-by-step guide to protect your seats and prolong their lifespan.

When it comes to keeping your golf cart seat covers clean and in tip-top condition, proper cleaning and maintenance are key. By following simple washing and drying techniques, you can keep your seat covers looking fresh and extend their lifespan.

Additionally, knowing how to effectively remove stains and odors will ensure that your towels are always clean and pleasant to sit on. Finally, implementing good practices for maintaining your towels will help them last longer and stay in good shape.

Here, we’ll delve into each of these aspects in detail:

Washing And Drying Techniques:

To keep your golf cart seat covers made from towels clean, follow these washing and drying techniques:

  • Regularly wash your seat covers to remove dirt and debris.
  • Use a gentle detergent that won’t damage the fabric.
  • Wash the seat covers on a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can cause discoloration or deterioration.
  • After washing, air-dry the seat covers to avoid shrinking or damaging the fabric.
  • Do not wring or twist the towels excessively. Instead, gently squeeze out the excess water before drying.

Removing Stains And Odors:

If your golf cart seat covers accumulate stains or unpleasant odors, follow these steps to eliminate them:

  • For stain removal, spot-treat the affected areas with a fabric stain remover.
  • Gently blot the stained area, working from the outer edges inward, to prevent spreading the stain.
  • Rinse the area thoroughly with cold water to remove any residue from the cleaning product.
  • For stubborn stains, repeat the process or seek professional upholstery cleaning services.
  • To eliminate odors, sprinkle baking soda on the seat covers and let it sit for a few hours.
  • Vacuum or brush off the baking soda to remove any absorbed odors.

Keeping Towels In Good Condition:

To keep your towels in good condition and extend their lifespan, consider these practices:

  • Avoid using seat covers made from towels with heavily soiled or wet clothing to prevent excessive dirt buildup.
  • Store your towels in a clean and dry environment to prevent mold or mildew growth.
  • Avoid exposing the towels to direct sunlight for extended periods to prevent fading.
  • Regularly inspect the seat covers for any signs of wear and tear, and repair or replace them as needed.
  • Keep a spare set of seat covers to rotate and minimize continuous wear on a single pair.

By following these proper cleaning and maintenance techniques, your golf cart seat covers made from towels will remain fresh, comfortable, and visually appealing, enhancing your overall golf cart experience.

Measuring And Cutting

Measuring And Cutting

Learn how to make golf cart seat covers using towels with this easy guide. Discover the measuring and cutting techniques needed to create comfortable and stylish covers for your golf cart seats.

Determining The Dimensions Of The Seat

  • To ensure the towel seat covers fit perfectly on your golf cart, it is important to measure the dimensions of the seat accurately. Follow these steps to determine the proper size:
  • Measure the length and width of the seat using a tape measure. Record the measurements on a notepad or on your phone.
  • Take note of any curves or irregular shapes on the seat that you need to accommodate in your towel seat cover design.
  • Keep in mind that the towel seat covers should cover the entire seat, providing a comfortable and snug fit. Consider leaving some extra fabric on the sides to tuck it in securely.

Cutting The Towels To The Appropriate Size And Shape

  • Once you have the seat dimensions, it’s time to cut the towels to the appropriate size and shape. Follow these steps for a successful cutting process:
  • Lay the towels flat on a clean and flat surface. Make sure they are free from any wrinkles or folds.
  • Use your measurements to mark the cutting lines on the towels using either a fabric marker or chalk. Double-check the measurements before cutting to avoid any mistakes.
  • Start cutting the towels along the marked lines, following the shape and dimensions of the seat. Take your time to ensure clean and straight cuts.
  • If your golf cart seat has curves or irregular shapes, you may need to make additional cuts or adjustments to properly fit the towels. Use your measurements as a guide and make necessary modifications as needed.
  • Once you have finished cutting the towels, double-check the size and shape against the seat dimensions. Make any final adjustments if necessary.
  • Congrats! You now have the towel seat covers ready to be placed on your golf cart seats. Enjoy the comfort and protection they provide during your rounds on the course.

Remember, accurate measurements and proper cutting are essential to achieving great results with your homemade golf cart seat covers. Take your time and enjoy the process of creating a personalized and practical accessory for your golf cart.

Securing The Towels

Securing The Towels

Transform your golf cart seats with this simple DIY project using towels. Learn how to secure the towels and create stylish, custom seat covers for your golf cart.

To ensure that your DIY golf cart seat covers made out of towels stay in place, follow these steps for strategically positioning the towels and using fasteners or ties:

  • Strategically positioning the towels on the seat:
  • Start by laying a towel horizontally on the seat, ensuring that it covers the entire seating area.
  • Fold the excess length of the towel towards the backrest of the seat, leaving a smooth surface for sitting.
  • Repeat this process with additional towels until the entire seat is covered.
  • Using fasteners or ties to secure the covers in place:
  • Slip a bungee cord or elastic band underneath the seat, positioning it across the width of the seat where the towel ends meet the backrest.
  • Pull the bungee cord or elastic band tightly, creating tension to hold the towels in place.
  • Wrap the ends of the cord or band around the bottom of the seat and secure them together.
  • Alternatively, you can use reusable zip ties or fabric fasteners to secure the towels in place by binding them together underneath the seat.
  • Considerations for securing the covers effectively:
  • Ensure that the fasteners or ties are tight enough to prevent the towels from shifting during use.
  • Regularly check the fasteners or ties for any signs of loosening and readjust them as needed.
  • If you prefer a more permanent solution, consider using a staple gun to attach the towels to the underside of the seat cushion, hiding the staples from view.

By strategically positioning the towels on the seat and using fasteners or ties to secure them in place, you can create practical and budget-friendly golf cart seat covers. These makeshift covers not only provide comfort but also protect your original upholstery from dirt, moisture, and wear and tear.

So, go ahead and give your golf cart a creative and personalized touch with towel seat covers without breaking the bank.

Making The Covers Durable And Long-Lasting

Making The Covers Durable And Long-Lasting

Make your golf cart seat covers durable and long-lasting by repurposing towels. Follow these steps to create your own DIY covers that are both practical and budget-friendly.

Reinforcing The Edges And Seams Of The Towel Covers:

  • Sewing the edges: Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to secure the edges of the towel covers. This will prevent fraying and increase their durability.
  • Double stitching: Sewing a second row of stitches along the edges and seams will provide extra strength to the cover. It will make it less likely to tear or unravel over time.
  • Zigzag stitch: Consider using a zigzag stitch when sewing the edges. This stitch creates a stronger bond between the fabric layers, making the cover even more durable.
  • Reinforcing with binding tape: If you want to further reinforce the edges, you can add binding tape. Sew it along the raw edges to provide extra stability and prevent fraying.
  • Reinforcing vulnerable areas: Pay attention to areas that are more prone to wear and tear, such as corners or handles. Sew extra stitches or use reinforcement patches to strengthen these spots.

Protecting The Covers From Wear And Tear:

  • Clear vinyl covers: Covering the towel covers with clear vinyl will protect them from dirt, stains, and moisture. It will also make cleaning easier, as you can simply wipe the covers clean.
  • Scotchgard spray: Apply a protective spray like Scotchgard to the towel covers. This will create a barrier that repels stains and liquids, keeping the covers cleaner for longer.
  • Washing with care: When it’s time to clean the covers, avoid harsh detergents and opt for mild soap or a gentle fabric cleaner. This will prevent the fabric from deteriorating and ensure that the covers last longer.
  • Avoiding direct sun exposure: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the colors and weaken the fabric of the towel covers. When not in use, store the golf cart in a shaded area or use a cover to protect it from the sun.
  • Storing properly: When the golf cart is not in use, remove the towel covers and store them in a cool and dry place. Avoid folding them in a way that could result in creasing or damage to the fabric.

By following these tips, you can reinforce the edges and seams of your homemade golf cart seat covers, making them durable and long-lasting. Additionally, protecting the covers from wear and tear will ensure that they remain in good condition for an extended period.

Enjoy your comfortable and stylish golf cart rides for many seasons to come!

Embroidery And Monogramming Options

Embroidery And Monogramming Options

Learn how to create custom golf cart seat covers using towels with embroidery and monogramming options. Personalize your cart and add a touch of style to your golfing experience.

Golf cart seat covers can do more than just protect your seats from wear and tear – they can also add a touch of personalization to your golf cart. One option to make your seat covers truly unique is by incorporating embroidery and monogramming.

Not only will this make your covers stand out on the course, but it also allows you to showcase your individuality and style. In this section, we will explore the different design and font options to consider when choosing embroidery for your golf cart seat covers.

Choosing The Right Design And Font

When it comes to selecting a design and font for your embroidery, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some options to keep in mind:

  • Classic and elegant: Opt for traditional fonts and elegant designs that exude sophistication and timelessness. Think scripted fonts or monograms with swirls and flourishes to create a refined look.
  • Bold and modern: If you prefer a more contemporary style, consider bold, blocky fonts or sleek and geometric designs. This can add a modern touch to your seat covers and make a statement on the golf course.
  • Sports-inspired: Show off your love for golf or your favorite sports team by choosing a font or design that incorporates golf-related symbols or team logos. This is a great way to display your passion and add a personalized touch to your golf cart.
  • Fun and playful: To create a more whimsical and playful look, experiment with playful fonts and colorful designs. Consider incorporating fun patterns or adding a touch of humor with quirky text phrases. Let your creativity shine through!

Remember, the design and font you choose should align with your personal style and complement the overall aesthetic of your golf cart.

Applying Personalized Embroidery To The Covers

Once you have decided on the design and font, it’s time to apply the personalized embroidery to your golf cart seat covers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose the thread color: Select a thread color that contrasts with the seat cover fabric and complements the design. A high-contrast thread color will make the embroidery stand out and catch the attention of others.
  • Positioning the embroidery: Consider the placement of the embroidery on the seat covers. Popular options include the top center, bottom center, or side corners. Ensure that the embroidery is centered and well-aligned to create a balanced and visually appealing look.
  • Professional embroidery services: If you don’t have the skills or equipment to embroider the seat covers yourself, consider outsourcing the job to a professional embroidery service. They will have the expertise and resources to create high-quality and durable embroidery on your seat covers.
  • Care instructions: After the embroidery is complete, follow any specific care instructions provided by the embroidery service. This will ensure that your seat covers remain in good condition and the embroidery stays vibrant for years to come.

By adding embroidery and monogramming to your golf cart seat covers, you can transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, sports-inspired, or playful design, your personalized seat covers will make a statement on the golf course.

Choose your design and font wisely, and consider professional embroidery services if needed. Get ready to hit the green in style!

Adding Decorative Accents

Adding Decorative Accents

Learn how to transform your golf cart seat covers using towels as decorative accents in just a few simple steps. Create a unique and personalized look while also protecting your seats from wear and tear on the golf course.

Sewing On Decorative Trims Or Borders:

  • Enhance the appearance of your homemade golf cart seat covers by sewing on decorative trims or borders. This simple technique allows you to add a personalized touch to your towels-turned-seat covers.
  • Here are some ways you can use decorative trims or borders to spruce up your golf cart seat covers:
  • Choose a trim or border that complements the color scheme or theme of your cart. A contrasting trim can make your seat covers pop, while a coordinating trim will create a cohesive look.
  • Measure and cut the trim to fit the edges of your towel seat cover panels. Make sure to include extra length for overlap and secure attachment.
  • Sew the trim onto the edges of the towel panels using a sewing machine or a needle and thread. Ensure that the stitches are neat and secure for a professional finish.
  • Experiment with different types of trims, such as pompoms, lace, or ribbons, to achieve various decorative effects. You can sew multiple rows of different trims for a layered look.
  • Consider using decorative trims that are also functional, like elastic trims that can help hold the seat covers in place.
  • Remember to reinforce any areas where the trim overlaps to prevent fraying or unraveling.
  • Once you’ve sewn on the decorative trims or borders, give your seat covers a final press to smooth out any wrinkles and ensure they look their best.

Adding Buttons Or Other Embellishments:

  • Another way to add flair to your DIY golf cart seat covers is by incorporating buttons or other embellishments. These small details can make a big impact and showcase your creative style.
  • Here’s how you can easily incorporate buttons or other embellishments into your golf cart seat covers:
  • Select buttons that are visually appealing and complement your towel seat covers. Choose colors, shapes, and sizes that match your desired aesthetic.
  • Determine their placement on the seat covers before attaching them. Consider aligning the buttons along the edges, creating a pattern, or adding them as accents on specific areas.
  • Use a needle and thread to securely attach the buttons to the seat covers. Make sure to double-thread the needle for added strength and durability.
  • Ensure that the buttons are firmly sewn and tightly secured to prevent them from coming loose during use.
  • Alternatively, you can incorporate other embellishments such as beads, sequins, or patches onto your seat covers to make them even more unique and visually interesting.
  • Take care not to place buttons or embellishments in areas where they might cause discomfort while sitting on the seat covers.
  • After attaching the buttons or other embellishments, inspect your seat covers for any loose threads or potential safety hazards. Remove any excess threads and trim them neatly.
  • Enjoy the personalized touch and visual appeal that buttons or other embellishments bring to your golf cart seat covers.

By following these simple steps, you can transform your ordinary towels into stylish and functional golf cart seat covers. Get creative with decorative trims, borders, buttons, or other embellishments to give your seat covers a unique and personalized look. With a little sewing know-how and a touch of imagination, you can easily elevate the aesthetics of your golf cart while adding a touch of comfort.

So, go ahead, grab your towels, and let your creativity shine as you make your own golf cart seat covers. Happy crafting!

Regular Maintenance To Keep Covers In Top Shape

Regular Maintenance To Keep Covers In Top Shape

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your golf cart seat covers in top shape. Learn how you can make your own seat covers out of towels to easily protect and prolong the life of your seats.

Golf cart seat covers made out of towels are not only a cost-effective option but also a great way to personalize your golf cart. These DIY covers can be easily made and offer comfort and style while protecting your seats.

However, regular maintenance is essential to keep the covers in top shape. In this section, we will discuss the necessary steps for maintaining your golf cart seat covers.

Brushing Off Dirt And Debris:

  • Use a soft-bristle brush to remove surface dirt and debris from the seat covers.
  • Gently brush in a circular motion to dislodge any particles that may have accumulated.
  • Pay special attention to the crevices and seams of the covers to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Wiping Down With A Damp Cloth:

  • Dampen a clean cloth with water (avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents) and wring out any excess moisture.
  • Wipe down the seat covers, starting from the top and working your way down.
  • Make sure to clean both the front and back of the covers to remove any stains or spills.
  • For stubborn stains, consider using a mild soap or fabric cleaner, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

By following these simple maintenance steps, you can keep your golf cart seat covers looking clean and fresh. Regular cleaning will not only extend the lifespan of the covers but also provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience while driving your golf cart.

Remember to perform these maintenance tasks periodically or as needed to keep your seat covers in their best condition.

Cleaning And Refreshing The Covers

Cleaning And Refreshing The Covers

Make your golf cart seat covers fresh and clean by transforming towels into stylish covers. Discover how to create these covers with simple steps for a refreshed look.

Cleaning and refreshing your golf cart seat covers is essential to maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan. Through a few simple steps, you can effectively remove stains and spills and freshen up the covers for a like-new feel. Here’s how:

Removing Stains And Spills:

  • Identify the type of stain: Determine if the stain is from food, beverages, mud, or other substances.
  • Blot the stain: Use a clean towel or cloth to blot the stain gently. Avoid rubbing, as it can spread the stain or damage the fabric.
  • Pre-treat the stain: Apply a stain remover or a mild detergent diluted with water directly to the stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes to penetrate the fabric.
  • Scrub with care: Using a soft-bristled brush or sponge, scrub the stain in a circular motion. Be gentle to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the seat cover with a clean towel or sponge soaked in water to remove the cleaning solution and any remaining residue.
  • Air-dry the covers: Hang the seat covers in an airy spot or lay them flat to dry completely before reinstalling them.

Freshening Up The Covers With Fabric Refresher:

  • Choose a fabric refresher: Look for a fabric refresher specifically designed for use on upholstery and fabric surfaces.
  • Test on a small area: Before applying the fabric refresher to the entire seat cover, test it on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn’t cause any discoloration or damage.
  • Spray evenly: Hold the fabric refresher bottle about 6-8 inches away from the seat cover and spray it evenly across the surface.
  • Allow drying time: Let the fabric refresher air-dry completely. Avoid sitting or placing any objects on the covers until they are fully dry.
  • Enjoy the fresh scent: Once dry, your golf cart seat covers will have a pleasant, refreshed scent, making your rides more enjoyable.

Regularly cleaning and refreshing your golf cart seat covers will not only keep them looking great but also help maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere in your cart. By following these simple steps, you can easily remove stains and spills and keep your covers smelling fresh.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make Golf Cart Seat Covers Out Of Towels

How Do You Use A Towel As A Seat Cover?

To use a towel as a seat cover, simply place the towel over the seat and tuck it in securely.

How Many Yards Of Fabric Do I Need To Cover A Golf Cart Seat?

To cover a golf cart seat, you typically need about 2-3 yards of fabric.

What Fabric Is Used For Golf Cart Seats?

Golf cart seats are typically made of durable and weather-resistant fabric.

Can You Reupholster Golf Cart Seats?

Yes, golf cart seats can be reupholstered for a fresh and updated look.


To sum it up, transforming your towels into golf cart seat covers is a cost-effective and creative solution. Not only can you effortlessly refresh the look of your golf cart seats, but you can also protect them from wear and tear.

By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can create personalized seat covers that add both style and comfort to your golfing experience. Remember to select towels that are durable and of the appropriate size to ensure a snug fit.

Whether you’re running errands or hitting the green, your homemade seat covers will provide a touch of luxury and protection. So, next time you’re looking to upgrade your golf cart, why not consider repurposing your old towels? It’s an eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and fun project that will surely enhance your golfing experience.

Start with your creative journey today and give your golf cart a fresh and stylish makeover.

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